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Explore human cell derived biospecimens for research

Every human is unique and repeatable. Promoting translational and precision medicine research on human cells is paramount to discovering individualized treatments for human disease states. Cytology is the branch of... Read More

Influenza symptoms, causes, and risk factors.

Around the world, influenza is one of the most prevalent seasonal diseases. It is commonly called as "the Flu" and is brought on by influenza virus types A and B.... Read More

Patient samples are substances obtained from people diagnosed with a disease. It is mainly collected from patients to diagnose, treat, monitor, and screen patients by the doctor or medical professional.... Read More

Handling of Human Plasma Samples

What exactly is human plasma? Human plasma is the liquid component of blood essential for delivering blood components throughout the human body. Plasma makes up to 55% of blood in the... Read More

Steps to prepare Human Tissue Samples Human tissue research has relied heavily on well-preserved and thoroughly characterised banked tissue samples for many years. But how are these human tissue specimens prepared... Read More