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An article introduces all about optical fiber splitter, including what is PLC splitter, the work principle of optical splitter, plc splitter vs fbt splitter, structure of plc splitter, Key parameters... Read More

1U Rack Mount PLC Splitter is packaged in a 19-inch rack mount panel, and is fully loaded with panels, adaptors (optional) and accessories and is ready for installation. Rack mount... Read More

Different from other splitters, the 1*3,1*6,1*9...PLC splitter adopts a special splitting ratio. Among its 9 output ports, the splitting ratio of first port is 705, and the splitting ratio of... Read More

Fiber Optic Arrays – HYC Co Ltd

HYC offers variety of fiber arrays with customized channel number of fiber array, core spacing and grinding angle. HYC self-produced fiber array provides a variety of options, such as the... Read More

HYC is capable of supplying asymmetric plc splitters with pratically uneven splitting ratio, and the output signal divided in ratios of 60/40,70/30,95/5... Asymmetric plc optical splitters are allowing easy and... Read More

3 port DWDM Device WDM Devices

The 1×2 DWDM device (3 ports) has channel spacing such as 100GHz, 200GHz, etc. HYC's 3-port DWDM devices use mature epoxy-free optical patch process with stable performance. Dense Wavelength Division... Read More