Laminar Jet Fountain Arching Water Jet Fountains with LED

Laminar flow fountain is also known as lighted jet fountain, When the laminar fountain is jetting, the water column is in the shape of an arch, which is smooth and clean. The water column won’t splash or disperse. Jetting along the set trajectory, the arc-shaped crystal water column goes through the pool and hangs a series of elegant rainbows in the air. Large-size laminar fountain can jet about 8 to 10 meters far, the jetting distance of medium-size and small-size laminar fountains can be customized as per client’s requests,usually applied as one part of fountain waterscape and swimming pool waterscape.
As the name suggest, the principle of laminar flow is used in this fountain. Laminar flow is a phenomenon that falls under the concept of fluid dynamics.
In laminar flow the fluid flows in parallel layers which devoids any turbulence and mixing of water molecules.
The result obtained is a streamlined cohesive jet of water which successfully maintains its integrity even over a significant distance.
This effect is achieved by carefully designing nozzle to make sure laminar flow of water. The nozzles are usually cylindrical with precise dimensions and are connected to a water source under pressure.
The water when passed through the nozzle is forced into a laminar state which makes the water look like a smooth solid rod.
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