Laser & Light Shows for Musical Water Fountains

A water laser show is an awe-inspiring phenomenon that combines the enchanting beauty of water with mesmerizing laser lights.
Using advanced technology, we unleash the potential of powerful lasers to paint a breathtaking array of colors and intriguing patterns onto a water screen or fountain, turning it into a dynamic and enchanting work of art.
With each performance carefully choreographed to sync flawlessly with the music, the audience is transported into a world of magic and wonder.
Witness a stunning symphony of light and water as they dance harmoniously, creating an ethereal and charming experience like no other.
Our water screen projection fountains are designed to captivate and entertain audiences of all ages. Prepare to be amazed as our talented team of professionals brings together the elements of nature and technology in a spectacle that will leave you breathless.
The Laser System consists of different parts like a laser generator, laser power, laser control, laser water treatment device, a multimedia computer, high-speed control system, and a full-colour laser movie player, which acts as the control system.
Using a computer, movies, words, and photos are programmed to match the rhythm. When the laser is projected onto the water screen, small water drops scatter the laser and create beautiful colors on the water screen.
Today, thanks to the latest technology, show lasers have become both cost-effective and powerful. Lasers can create animations and impressive beam-shows. Adding lasers to a music fountain is a great idea. User-friendly software like Pangolin is popular for programming lasers, and people can quickly learn how to use it.
The most crucial aspect is to synchronize the water-show equipment and lasers with the music. They should work together smoothly. By clicking a mouse, all the systems can be synchronized to the exact second, and actions like starting, pausing, and stopping can be done automatic