Vanam Eco LLP 10 inch 3 Compartment Plate| White | Pack of 25

Vanam Eco's Compostable plates(Compartments) are made up of 100% Natural raw material i.e. Sugarcane fibers (Bagasse), these fibers are biodegradable in nature and do not harm the nature or Lives in nature. DURABLE + VERSATILE: Our Compartment Plates are so designed that it is state of art with the sturdiness, ready to serve any food. It can be easily used in microwave ovens and in the refrigerator for chilling and deep freezing. It is a Nature friendly option against nature harming plastic products. This, balances the eco system and so are ecofriendly. Vanam Eco's plates (Compartments) are one of the best sustainable energy which will help our next generation and provide a fresh environment and ultimately health. Vanam Eco's Plates (Compartments) get composed in 60 to 90 days and again be a part of nature without harming nature. This keeps the nature clean and fresh and thus helps to maintain the health of the society. Vanam Eco oths to serve the people and save nature. For this Vanam Eco LLP has a wide range of Compostable Table ware and Cutlery products to be used by each and every one for their personal use or for business purposes. ( camping, picnics, lunches, Festivals, catering, BBQs, events, parties, functions, weddings and restaurants)