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3D Water Screen Movies Fountain for Outdoor Projector Screen — is made up with 2 systems: the water screen generating system and the projecting system. Powered by high-pressure pumps, the water screen generator produces a transparent water screen, which has a special 3D optical effect upon the movie projected on it.
Due to the limitation of the site, the water screen film requires a large enough water area to satisfy the projection requirements.
Water screen projection, also known as the water projection show or water screen fountain, harnesses the power of advanced technology to project striking imagery onto a thin, flat water surface, creating a magical canvas that appears to float in mid-air.
Our experts have perfected this innovative approach, ensuring flawless synchronization between visuals and water nozzles, resulting in seamless, choreographed sequences that captivate every onlooker.
Step into a world of limitless creativity and explore how water screen fountains can transform ordinary fountains into extraordinary, captivating displays, leaving a lasting impression on your audiences.
Discover the magic of water screen projection with us today.
As a prominent water fountain manufacturer, we are dedicated to delivering advanced solutions that leave audiences captivated around the globe. Our expertise extends to creating mesmerizing water screen projection experiences combined with stunning light and sound shows, ensuring a truly enchanting display.
Among our array of remarkable products, the Water Screen Projection stands out as an enchanting and incredible spectacle, seamlessly blending the allure of water fountains with breathtaking visual displays. This unique fusion of water, light, and sound transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary, unforgettable environments.