What Maryland's New Divorce Laws Mean for You

As we reflect on the significant changes brought about by Maryland's new divorce laws, it's evident that these reforms have ushered in a new era of divorce grounds in our State. The recognition of irreconcilable differences (no-fault divorce) plays a pivotal role in simplifying and modernizing the divorce process. From reducing the separation period to eliminating the need to prove fault, these changes have made divorce more accessible and potentially less adversarial for couples across Maryland. However, despite the newfound efficiency, it's crucial to recognize that the core elements of legal representation remain unchanged. As experienced family law attorneys, our role is as critical as ever in guiding clients through the complexities of divorce, ensuring their rights are protected, and advocating for fair and equitable outcomes. At the Law Offices of Kerri Cohen, we guide our clients through the divorce process. Our Team is dedicated to providing high-quality, professional legal services to ensure our clients the best possible outcome. If you seek a divorce attorney or have questions about these new laws, please contact our office at (410) 657-2515 or info@CohenLegalTeam.com. We are here to help!